Empowerment through vocational and life skills training

WorkSource’s mission is to provide consumer centered day programs/home base services with employment choices that offer opportunities for persons with
disabilities to achieve independence and vocational success in their community.

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Comprehensive Vocational Assessment

Intended to verify a consumer’s vocational skill sets, aptitude and goals, an intensive formal Vocational Assessment is administered upon entry to our program.

The assessment incorporates a variety of tests, both in-house and at external WorkSource sites throughout Vermilion County.

Vocational Case Management

Whether the disability is mild or severe, our professionally trained staff can provide case management focused on determining and working towards the person’s preferred lifestyle based on their needs, skills, and available resources.

Vocational Training and Employment

WorkSource provides job training and mentoring for people with disabilities in a true work environment, where they can learn valuable work and social skills to prepare them for a job in the community.
Our modern production shop uses “real work” in a work environment that concentrates on a person’s abilities rather than their “disabilities”.

For those who are ready to work in the community, WorkSource provides support in finding and securing work along with maintaining positive employer/employee relationships, making it a winning arrangement for all.

Home Based Services

Home Based Services is an option within the adult and children’s Medicaid Waiver program. It includes custom crafted services to assist individuals to live in a private family home or an apartment they own or lease.

HBS are designed to meet an individual’s evolving needs and preferences for support and may provide some limited respite for caregivers. Services may include integrated socialization activities, advocacy, and select skills training such as cooking, cleaning, or self care. For this program, all services provided must be for the direct benefit of the individual.

Young Adult Employment Services

Without access to transportation, people with disabilities find themselves isolated from jobs, friends, public services, and other aspects that make a community truly feel like “home”. Utilizing both specialized and general public transportation, WorkSource ensures that people can access the services and supports they need and those they want.

Life Skills

Sometimes, a day’s activities focusing on a “job” might not be what is wanted or needed. For those who may need alternatives to traditional vocational programs because of advanced age, health, physical limitations, or other life circumstances, we offer support in other life activities. These might include anything from gardening, using the library, group social activities, or self care.

Life Skills Mentoring

WorkSource provides the support and training needed to achieve each person’s lifestyle goals whether that’s a group home or a home or their own. Assistance with shopping, household tasks, personal hygiene, and money management are just a few of the ways WorkSource is prepared to help.

Recreation and Leisure

The richness of our lives is defined to some degree by our participation in the social and recreational opportunities that are a part of our communities. At WorkSource, participation in sports, hobbies, music, educational programs and religion is strongly encouraged and actively pursued.