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If you’re seeking employment choices that empower individuals with disabilities to achieve independence and vocational success in your community, reach out today. Together, we can build a workplace that values diversity, promotes growth, and creates lasting opportunities for everyone. Contact us now to explore partnership possibilities and contribute to a more inclusive future!

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Executive Staff

Brandy Seabaugh

Todd Seabaugh

President of Programing Development

217-446-1146 ext 23

Lisa Martin

Vice President of Vocational Services

217-446-1146 ext 15

Scott Rudy

Vice President of Building Operations 

217-446-1146 ext 16

Cathy Carnagan

Vice President of Production

217-446-1146 ext 17

Community Day Service Program

Tiffany Verhoven

Vice President of Program Services

217-446-1146 ext 12

Devin Seabaugh


217-446-1146 ext 44